Re: RGS Rico Engine House and Ridgway Roundhouse

Rio Grande

Thanks for all the replies so far. This is for Hon3.

The plan for my layout is to make it modular and build a number of different modules representing different scenes on the RGS (no room for a permanent layout) with largest module being 2x7' with that I am really not sure if I can even replicate a compressed version of Rico or Ridgway and thats a main reason why I'd like to build one these structures first and play around on built 2x7' surface.

Maybe for Ridgway I can settle on Sargents roundhouse from Banta I know its small and the incorrect building but seems to be a nice kit that would get the point across. As for rico maybe I can mock up a paper building with the proper dimensions to get an idea. Do you guys know the dimension of the Rico engine house? Dave Vollmer looks to have a nice model of both buildings.

Thank you. 

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