Re: RGS Rico Engine House and Ridgway Roundhouse


I have the following RGS specific kits I was planning to list for sale in a few weeks. Might as well do it now:

Manufacturer Kit Kit No. Qty Price
CC Crow Ridgway Brick Office 80/250 1 $175.00
CC Crow Ridgway Roundhouse 58/125 1 $425.00
Raggs to Riches Ridgway Depot RWD-HO 1 $275.00
Banta Modelworks Ridgway Boxcar Shed BMW-102 1 $25.00
Crystal River Products Vance Junction Coal Pockets 117-11  

Durango Press                                 Trout Lake Water Tank                            DP-119                    $35.00

The Ridgway roundhouse is from the second run of kits with the Goose stalls.

Anyone interested in these can contact me offline at jerryc52 AT yahoo DOT com


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