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Mike Conder

Thanks for the info Nigel. 

Mike Conder

On Mon, Mar 7, 2022 at 8:17 PM Nigel Phillips <nigelp18000@...> wrote:
Hi Dusty,

Modern DC motors are also PWM. Old decoders had too low a frequency, anything built in the past 5-8 years should be compatible with a coreless motor. These motors run pretty slow anyway.

Heat dissipation is an issue with coreless motors, make sure they are well ventilated. Take that rubber sleeve off for starters. Probably best if the motor is held in place with some brass brackets soldered to the cab floor, rather than using (insulating) silicone.

Westside C16? No, unless some metal removal is undertaken. The motor bracket is too high for the new one. I got rid of it.  Easiest way is to lengthen the cab a tad (couple of mm is enough) using a PSC spare. That allows a cosmetic backhead to be used. Doing just that at the moment.


On Mon, Mar 7, 2022 at 3:09 PM Dusty via <> wrote:
Are these motors compatible with DCC over an extended period of use? Someone told me at one point in time that coreless motors didn’t like the pulse frequency modulation(?) method of speed control that DCC employs. While these aren't coreless they may have wire brushes that could be affected? I've ordered a couple motors and am curious. Any experiences to share?

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