Re: Minebea 15mm x 15mm DCC question

Mike Conder

Not yet but it looks like they will fit a Westside C-16 … at least I hope so because I have one of the older ones with the motor in the cab. 

I did check the MDC HOn3 loco and it’s about 1 mm too wide unless it’s place in the firebox.  But that would require adding bearing supports for the worm (usually on the motor shaft) and a universal drive shaft or something. 

However I’ve also heard good things about the 10 mm square Minebea motor, basically that it will be enough to power an HOn3 loco smaller than a K-28.  Again, haven’t tried it myself and one needs a 1 mm x 2 mm shaft sleeve for that. 

Mike Conder

On Mon, Mar 7, 2022 at 7:43 PM Scott Baker <sbake5570@...> wrote:
Mike, have you tested them yet, I'm curious about their performance? Without measuring, they look like they may barely fit in a Westside C-16, (taking up the cab space as the original motor).

Mike Conder

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