Re: Floquil substitute

Nigel Phillips

Hi Scott,

I've been using Vallejo acrylics for a few years now. Mix and match.


On Tuesday, February 22, 2022, Scott Baker <sbake5570@...> wrote:
Good reminder Eric. I used Scalecoat 1 and II some when I modeled ho standard gauge for hopper cars etc. The gloss finish is nice for decaling but I don't want to always have to Dullcoat everything I paint. When I build structures etc., I like to paint details, windows, etc. before/as I build and don't want to wait to hit them with a flat finish during that stage of the build so I can keep moving forward. I still have some Scalecoat though and will use it to paint a few brass locos, It sprays very well. It seems like I remember it taking a little longer to dry, but I may have been using a retarder or something similar to dillute.


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