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Jim Spencer

You are correct in that Elaterite was another roofing product of the early days.  I think the membrane was embedded with a naturally occurring mineral that has water proofing properties and uses the same name.  

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There was a thread on the HOn3 list  some years ago and  the roofing paper that was used by the D&RG  and many car builders. It was called, (now, I just know I'm going to butcher this name and spell it wrong) but it was something like "Elateralite". It was a coarse Paper, Wool and  Clay mixture doped with Asphaltum.

Painting it would have added one more layer of waterproofing to be sure. in the later years (when there was far, far more color photography of the cabooses) It's clear the Grande and RGS used whatever they had on hand as the top coat. Red, Black, Aluminum etc.? 

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