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Nigel Phillips

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Found some interesting information on trestles used on the Gault lines in Southern Alberta. The line between Lethbridge and Dunmore junction had a small trestle over Persons Creek, with 6 pile bents. Bents (probably not the originals) are still in place along with some CPR track. The St. Mary Railway had 3 trestles, the one at Spring Coulee being reported as 685 feet long. The one over the St, Mary River near Cardston was sandwiched between 3 Howes Truss bridges over the river channels, the bridges being reported as 85 feet for the north channel. and 2 x 150 feet for the south channel. If that is not a typo (150 feet total with 2 spans of 75 feet?) then that was a very long Howes Truss. The crossing over Pothole Creek east of MaGrath was a low level trestle bridge, which from the old track right of way on Google Maps would have been about 75-100 feet long. If double gauged it would have been during 1907.


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There were/still are several short ones between Alamosa and Antonito.

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The bridge over Arkansas in Salida was dual gauge. Yes Steam plant on south side was dual gauge as well as a track in the marble monument facility. 🚂👍Fz

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