New HOn3 model source

John Stutz

While poking around on the SPCRR website < ">> tonight, I took a look at the company store, and was surprised to find the John Hall Design: 3D Printed HOn3 Rolling Stock, Catalog and Assembly Instructions, available for free download.

 This describes an extraordinary modeling resource.  The catalog part lists 14 passenger car bodies with trucks,  interiors to match, 5 freight car bodies with trucks, 2 each of passenger and freight car trucks, a hand pump car, several model construction tools, and a few detail parts.  All are pre-1887 South Pacific Coast prototype, created by Mr Hall for his own modeling, and offered at cost from Shapeways.   I have previously seen only a few of these listed on the Shapeways web site, but the catalog provides direct links to all.  The passenger car bodies are about 50-50 Duckbill and Bullnose roof cars, typical of their 1879-87 construction dates, and should be of interest to anyone not modeling the late D&RGW.

The instruction part is sparse, but contains very detailed instructions for removing wax and oil from Shapweays' smooth fine detail plastic.  It's worth your time studying for that alone.

Several years ago I purchased one of the early cars offered on Shapeways, and can confirm that Mr Hall has achieved near injection molded styrene quality in his models.  Take a look at what he now offers, and you will drool.

John Stutz

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