Was there ever a model of a Baldwin (or Alco) 90 ton Mike in HO?


A long time puzzle of the hobby for me is why one of the most familiar, identifiable railroads in the country, The Sierra Railroad, has never had a quality book or HO models
of it's primary locomotives.  It's not for lack of documentation, or access, Jamestown is now a state railroad museum, and much of the equipment still exists.

I am well aware of the oversize HO models of #3 and #38,
But #36 a 90 ton 2-8-2 would seem to be a natural for a small to medium size model railroad, shortline railroad.
I have the NWSL 70 ton Mikes, but in California we also had bigger shortline mikes (SMV, McCloud, Sierra) a void that seems to be unfilled.

So if you want a 90 ton Mike in HO how would you get one?
ken clark
HO and Sn42