Update on Contact, Inc. (Hotip Resistance Soldering)


Late last year their website became unresponsive,  The company phone has been disconnected; Bill Peters (PBL) thought the owner may have passed away.

PBL is out of stock of their Hotip Units, transformers, probes and tweezers, and some replacement tips.

I suggest users of Hotip handpieces check their inventory of replacement tips.   I have never attempted to stock Hotip tips for resale since they were available from PBL.

I have found three other brands of handpieces that can be modified to work with a Hotip unit.  For close to 40 years I have used a modified Hotip set of wire stripping tweezers

(bottom in photo).

Wire stripping units resell on eBay for lower prices, rebuilding the WS Tweezers into RS tweezers is a bit of work, much easier to add end ring terminals to American beauty RS handpieces;

those are the main options now that  Hotip handpieces are disappearing.

I have a limited number of used Hotip 200 and 300 watt transformers (a couple with Handpieces) and AB 250 watt transformers (with handpieces) in stock.,

I am always looking for RS equipment for inventory stock, but do not have extra handpieces at this time.

For reference I have attached an Excel worksheet showing a variety of resistance soldering equipment.

ken clark


ken clark
HO and Sn42