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Okay folks,

Let's see if I can get something started. Many years
ago, I had (key word "had") a model of Southern
Pacific 4-8-4. If I remember correctly, it was a
Westside brass and they listed it as a "GS-8." It was
unpainted and, at the time, I couldn't find an exact
match for it on the Espee. I sold it in 1979 and I
really wish I had kept it. Turns out the model was a
dead ringer for a Cotton Belt 817 (L-1 class) which
later became SP 4488.

So, I have three questions: First, can anybody confirm
this was a Westside model? Second Does anybody know
where I can find another model? (And, I'm sure it will
cost me A LOT MORE $$$ than I sold the last one for).
Three, is there another manufacture that has this
model available.

How's that, Nelson? I know of your fondness for both
steam and the Cotton Belt. Me Too :)

Talk to you later.

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<snip> But hey, guys, don't all leave. Post
something instead!


Yes Eldon, it's Westside, listed as a GS7/8. They were former SSW
engines transferred to the SP as the Belt dieselised. The first came
about 1950.
There seem to be a lot of GS engines available right now,every
dealer has a few. Wade through dealer listings and you might get lucky.
Another choice would be to put your own ad in MR or the NMRA BULL. Those
are seen by a LOT of people!