Tread plate & related pet peeves


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<< But what I don't understand is why the earlier eras have drawn so little
interest. >>

I think people have some trouble looking back further than their
grandparents. As time marches on, so the eras modeled seem to move forward.
When I started modeling, I was interested in trains of the 1870's through
1890's. I found little available in commercial models at the time, and have
since moved to the early 1940's. I have found that more models are available
and that research is easier. I still don't find as many models for this
period as I do for the transition period, when many of today's retiring
modelers were kids. Many modelers I now meet have never seen a steam engine
other than in museums or on "railfan" railroads. Their interest falls during
the time they were kids and were awestruck by the powerful diesels!

Each to his own, though I admire the "historian" prototype modeler who is
researching and modeling in the pre-1900's era. Truely, this was a time for
rail barons and the building of a nation.