Casey Sterbenz


I've not seen anything recently either, like since the end of February. I just looked at the archives and the last message there is one I remember getting back then.

Seems like HO Steam really is a quiet list - 258 messages since the list started last year. On the O-Trains list I'm on there are often 50 messages in a weekend.

I'm as guilty as anyone else on the list, I guess, in not chatting up my HO projects. Part of that is because I'm doing other things right now. I'm enjoying my new live steam "Ruby", an 0-4-0T in G gauge. Part of my work includes putting together an outdoor track on which to run this little engine. I'm also preparing my workshop to put together a cradle boat for a grand baby who is due in August. That will take me about a hundred hours or so which will not leave much time for work on my HO 2-8-0. Might be this Fall before I get back to HO railroading!

Casey Sterbenz

From: "Robert and Pauline Powell" <>
To: "Casey Sterbenz" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 18:09:48 -0000

Hello Casey

Can you tell me if the HO steam onelist has gone off-line?

I haven't recieved any e-mail for three or four weeks.


Bob Powell
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