Testing that New Brass Steam engine

Ken Clark

  Yesterday I published a new page listing procedures for testing that new brass locomotive you just got.
After 24 hours of thought and feedback I added another section and additional diagnosis procedures.
Changes are in red.  The intent of this webpage is to locate problems, but in a few cases I also included 
some possible simple fixes.

  These lists have experienced modelers that have fixed these problems in the past.
The bigger problem in tapping into this experience is fully identifying the problem(s) so that the 
discussions are productive.  Hopefully this webpage will help identify problem(s) and get those
engines quickly returned to service.

  While I have given clinics at NMRA conventions on repowering these models, I never focused
primarily on the troubleshooting that is key to repairing these models and getting them running.
Hopefully this new page fills some of that void.

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