Testing that Locomotive You Bought on eBay

Ken Clark

  I have finished revising the Testing Guide and it has been uploaded to my website.  Links used for the last revision will work.
Revisions are in green, if you don't see the green revision you will have to refresh your browser as it is still loading the 
old version from memory.

I have also created a one page checklist for those who would like to record their inspection results.  If it doesn't print/display well,
I can post an Excel version in the files section.

I have been asked to make a clinic presentation on these methods at the PSR convention in San Diego this September.  For those
attending the clinic is tentatively scheduled for Thursday Sept 4th at 9:30 am.  In addition I will be testing models for attendees
in the afternoon using the methods I demonstrate in the clinic.  Reservations for the testing will be made in advance; if there is
enough interest, additional sessions in the evening and on Friday are possible.  I plan on testing three models each hour;
15 minutes per model and 15 minutes of discussion and rest.  A synopsis of what I plan is posted at:

This is something new for me to try; I was inspired by those hosting a repair clinic at the National convention.  The testing is free,
hopefully the reservations will allow several to participate.  The convention staff will tell me how reservations will be made this week.
Hopefully the fixes will all be simple...

Kenneth R. Clark
P.O. Box 212454
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