Surprise package arrived Saturday

Ken Clark

I do a lot of on-line shopping so I have quite a few packages delivered each week.
However this was not a package from a recent purchase.

Surprise,  it was  Scalecoat Paint I had ordered June 13th.  At the time Weaver would only let you order
paints in stock so one color I had to settle for the smaller 1 ounce bottle.  Most appreciated was the
quart of Scalecoat 1 thinner.  All items had Minuteman Scale Models labels so they were not the Weaver
old stock I had ordered 15 weeks ago.

After all the hand wringing over the demise of Weaver/Scalecoat, I hadn't noticed anyone mentioning that
Minuteman Scale Models was shipping Scalecoat paints.

Kenneth R. Clark
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