[Rumored HO Steam locos: Athearn]

Brad Bourbina <bbbourbina@...>

An ALLEGHENEY! I want an Allegheney! Ok, realistically, since I could
probably never afford the Allegheney anyway...in my opinion the easiest thing
for Athearn to reproduce en masse would be a Heavy Mikado. I would kinda like
to see a 2-10-4, but for whom? KCS, T&P, Santa Fe, et. al. they were all VERY
different. Same thing with a good portion of Northerns. I suppose they could
do a Berkshire, but the only Berk I'm interested in is Mopac. *sigh* It
ain't easy being cheezy...

Brad Bourbina
Dispatcher, SKOL/SLWC/TIBR

Leo Pesce <leo@sco.COM> wrote:
Keeping this thread alive, there is a rumor that Athearn will
introduce another type steam engine next year, but so far
they will not tell which type.

Has anybody heard anything?

Me, I hope it is a Heavy Pacific.


Keeping the memory of steam alive!

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