Roco 01 steam engine

Leonello Pesce <leo@...>

Hello all,

a friend of mine had a major problem with his Roco 01
pacific steam engine. The trace under the running board
was cooked, melting the running board in the process.
Last year he ordered a replacement part from Roco.
It finally arrived a few weeks ago, but, even though the
part number is the same, the part is not. The original
part with the running boards had no front slope
(I guess a more modern version?) while this part has
the front slopes.

I know Roco has made many different varieties of 01's,
but is anybody aware if they use same part numbers for
same type engines, after an engine is discontinued?

Aside from the fact we do not know if the new part will
fit properly, it will also change the look of the engine.
Myself, I prefer the 01's with the slope, my friend likes
the open front look.

Let me know.