Resistance Soldering - Leftovers thoughts


So far this year I made seventeen sales of Resistance soldering equipment, including several Hotip H-202 300 watt systems.

At this time I  no longer have any Hotip (PBL) 300 watt systems or newer Hotip H-101A Hotip 200 watt transformers.

I do have a couple of older brown label Hotip H-101A 200 watt transformers in excellent condition with footswitch $155

I have several Triton Hotlips Tweezers available, $50 w/o built-in switch $70 w/ on/off switch.  These need more than 3 volts to work well,

preferably 4-6 volts.

And some odds and ends, such as American Beauty/Wassco 100 watt Model 105-A-3 variable transformers for $60  and a Hotip H-101CD 100 watt transformer for $50.

Many Years ago I started with two Hotip H-101CDs wired in series to create a 200(?) watt unit. Bulky but it was half the price and more affordable.

I was asked by a fellow modeler if I knew if anyone had done the same with two H-101As to create a 400 watt unit in the same manner.

I have never seen that modification but a couple years back I purchased a Hotip New Style - H-505 400 watt unit.  It has two transformers inside one is a variable transformer;

it must not have been successful because the sales staff at Hotip/Contact Inc. never had heard of it but an engineer in the technical department remembered it.

Now I'm wondering if any of the creative types on the list have tried to combine two of the AB 100 watt units into a 'super, cheap' 200 watt unit.

For heavier power users I have AB/Wassco 500 watt and 1000 watt transformers starting at $300 and a variety of AB Heavy duty handpieces.

A Luma model 551 900 watt unit with 15 power settings, also $300.  A Luma Model 631 older 2500 watt unit (requires 20 amp circuit) also for $300

Procraft Electric Soldering Machine 1000 watt two leads, footswitch, no handpieces, untested $200

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ken clark

ken clark
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