Hello to the group:

I have been collecting Brass (GN stuff) for a long time, and have
just gotten to the point where I would like to build something so
that I can run them. For DCC, how critical is the motor amperage? I
expect to have multiple engines running at a time.

So, if my 2-10-2's and 2-8-2's are moving freight, and I'm changing
engines in Havre division point, what do I need to consider for
motors? The biggest that will fit I can guess, but the amps they
draw are more confusing..... NWSL catalog has information that gives
me dimintions, but decoders require a maximum amperage.

Where do I start? The motors, or the decoders? Are there
compatability issues I haven't thought about?

Thanks for any pointers

Jeff Rundgren