[Re: Bachmann mountain]

Brad Bourbina <bbbourbina@...>

I had the good fortune of seeing the Bachmann Mountain live and in color at my
model RR club's recent show this past weekend. The specific model I drooled
over was the one decorated for the Mopac, and while not exactly accurate, it
still made my eyes bug out. As to the running qualities, 2 club members each
bought one, one Mop and one undec. Both ran with the same smooth quiet
qualities as the Consolidation, with no problems whatsoever. Suffice it to
say I do think there are some "lemons" of this model out there, enough people
have described the problem, but overall I think Bachmann is getting themselves
out of that "toy crap" reputation rather nicely. Now, how about a 2-10-4 to
ice that cake! :)

Brad Bourbina
Dispatcher, SKOL/SLWC/TIBR

It would not be past Bachman to put out something when the
expectation was so high, that it just fizzled. After all,
it takes more than just one engine to break a reputation,
especially Bachman's.

I seem to be a bit harsh on them, but considering the
quality a lot of other companies are achieving, there could
have been a lot more done, and I think again they are missing
the boat. O

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