P2K Y-3 Pricing

"Nelson Kennedy" <nelsonk@...

There has been some discussion on another list about the 'street price' of
the new P2K Y-3 now that it has been released. I posted the following
information which may be of interest to members of this list.

Al at ECMR posted in a newsletter a few days ago that he hopes to offer some
at $245. It seems that he might be able to score some cancellation stock
that was destined for other dealers.

I guess P2K have missed the bus on this one with the shipment arriving a
month or so too late to catch the Christmas market.

For any members that do not know it, ECMR offer an email advice service of
monthly specials and intermittent one off specials. I get maybe two or
three e-mails a week most weeks. There have been a few more lately as I
guess Al has been getting into 'January Sales' mode. He seems to be an
astute trader who is sometimes able to offer deals that don't seem to be
available elsewhere. Anyone wishing to be subscribed to his email list may
do so by sending a message to ECMR1@aol.com

This message is in no way intended to be an endorsement of ECMR over any
other trader. As it happens I am a satisfied customer, as I am of several
other traders. As moderator of this list I am happy for members to make
trade announcements of this nature. I will not be happy if we were to allow
ourselves to descend into 'trader bashing' as sometimes occurs on Usenet
groups. This is a publicly accessible arena and I don't want to find myself
on the end of a libel suit! Fair enough, guys?


Nelson Kennedy
Christchurch, New Zealand
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