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The biggest issue that I found with weight was not how much you added but where it's located. Its like when you see these knuckleheads with the truck and 4x4's with big giant tires on them and they get stuck in the mud and some guy in an old military jeep with skinny tires buzzes right past them why? weight distribution and concentration. You can add a pound of weight to a locomotive that doesn't mean it's going to work better then if you add a couple of oz to the right place. On another board "The gage" I read a tutorial on how a member reworked the weights in an Athearn Light Mikado which were known for being horrible pullers. Be recasting the weights and moving them forward a few fractions of an inch he increased the pulling capacity by more then double. BullFrog Snot is nothing more then a liquid traction tire. As far as having articulated locomotive having all the sections hinged rather then just the front one as on the prototype it's done so they can negotiate tighter radius curves then if built like the prototypes which were very limited to where they could run
You would have never seen a Y3 or Y6 an H* etc. come rumbling down a branch line in most cases as it would have wound up in a ditch do to the fact that "most' branch lines had no where near the radius curves of a mainline. As far as modern model locomotives being "Lionel-ized" you couldn't be more farther off the mark if you closed your eyes while firing an unloaded cannon. I would say it's more then a reasonable expectation that when you plunk down a good sized chunk of money for a big articulated model some times in excess of $500 it should pull more then 15 cars. The prototypes pulled trains in the 90 to 100 car range without helpers so a reasonable exception of wanting your model to pull maybe 25 to 30 cars with out helpers is not an unreasonable request. Nothing frustrates guys in the club more when I can pull more then double the amount of cars with one of my Brass H8's or Y6's then they can with two resin models of the same wheel arrangements But they didn't spend no where close to what one of those big monsters cost even back when I purchased them over 30 years a go. But they still have a right for them to preform reasonably well.

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The proto 2000 engines are great pullers but I agree that the tenders are too light. They have a tendency to jump the track when backing up a long string of cars

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why add weight in the tender?
are the Proto's tenders powered?

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Yeah, cause adding weight over non-powered axles would seem to reduce the number of cars one would be able to pull upgrade. Maybe he wants better pull downgrade? But then I never took physics so....

And why want traction tires or (shudder) Snot? Why want an Y3 with less "low speed"?

I know I will get blasted for this, but then I am too old to really care anymore. This is what happens when scale modeling becomes "Lionel-ized" . No one wants to model anymore. They want to buy the stuff and put it on the rails and have it smoke and sound good. Well okay, maybe sound, if held at reasonable volume is sorta neat but did you ever see a steam engine smoke the way these toys do? Did you ever see a steam engine? Steam videos? Steam photos? If the toys would smoke like the prototype we would all die in our basements. Which would be okay since the track would be too dirty to run on not to mention the fire department would stop responding whenever some passer-by (neighbors would know better) noted huge clouds of thick, black smoke billowing out our windows like smoke from..., well, a steam engine! What if we would ever had an actual fire.

They want articulated steam locomotives suspended on diesel-style swiveling power trucks that would be impossible on the prototype so they can pull un-prototype loads at un-prototype speeds around un-prototype curves. And when the stuff wears out (or the owner gets bored) they toss them and buy something else. Maybe another train or an R/C car or put in a pool or.....

Welcome to toy railroading today.

John Hagen (Aka a grouchy, crabby, irritable and nasty old fart)

I have four Proto Heritage Y3 Mallets that the N&W used to use for pulling
coal drags which I do the same on my HO layout. I believe that they can be
had with sound for under $400 form just about anywhere.
They have excellent detail for resin cast models and are great pullers
with very nice low speed control. If you want added pulling power use Bull
Frog Snot on your drive wheels it's like adding traction tires to your
locomotive and works excellent. Even a few more Oz. of weight in the tender will
help out a great deal.

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I'm looking for a company the does a Model in HO scale for the N&W.
DCC &U sound is a must, mid priced $250.00 to $400.00.
Looking for more pull and less low speed.

Bill Hodkinson

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