Modeling a 90 ton Mikado

Ken Clark

Or another use for a Frisco "Russian Decapod"

The PFM Frisco Decapods were imported in large numbers (3750 according to one source).
I am not sure of the actual driver size on the PFM model. If PFM had used 52" drivers on the Sierra #38,
(prototype had 51" drivers) the model would not have to have been expanded 10% or more.
The prototypes were 90 ton engines made by a variety of builders.
They had relatively small 52inch drivers
Were designed to run on 62# rail
Could they be a logging loco in Russian clothes?

Many 90 ton mikados like the ALCOs and Baldwins on McCloud had slightly smaller 48" drivers.
Losing a rear set of drivers and adding a trailing truck are pretty simple modifications.
WSM imported models of SP Mikes with 51"drivers ( 100 tons and 75 tons) but they generally cost much
more than the PFM Frisco Decapods and I have all three Mk-10s.

Has anybody considered modifying the PFM Decapod model into a 90-100 ton mike? It may be a little small for Sierra #36,
Any other prototype candidates with 50-51 inch drivers?

Kenneth R. Clark