METER FACE (was Mantua gearbox, etc...)

Casey Sterbenz


I've had pretty good luck using "MSPaint" (that comes with the Windows NT/95/98 operating system suite) to draw basic things and the MicroSoft "Photo Editor" (that comes with the MS Office 97 suite) to do the scaled down printouts.

There is a freeware graphics program called "CadStd Lite", available for download from This program scales the drawing rather than the printout. That can be inconvenient when making drawings of large items but it should work well for a meter face.

There are many other shareware and demo CAD programs available for download through You might want to download a few programs and try them out before deciding on which one to buy.

For the record, I use a high-end CAD program at work ("Aperture 'Professional'") that is very flexible for printing at various scales.

Casey Sterbenz

Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 07:22:11 MDT
From: "Les Grenz" <>
Subject: Re: METER FACE (was Mantua gearbox, etc...)

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From: "Casey Sterbenz" <>
Subject: [HOsteam] METER FACE (was Mantua gearbox, etc...)
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 07:57:26 EDT


There are several inexpensive graphics programs out there that allow you to
scale a drawing as you print it

Casey -

Can you suggest any of these graphic programs? I would be interested. Are
you talking about cad programs? I assume so.

Regards from Les Grenz & the
Queen City of the Rockies.

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