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You are right this list is VERY quiet, especially compared to the vocal
bunch on the HOn3 list. To stir the pot a little I posted ( in the files
section ) some photos of a Ken Kidder Porter Mogul I have repowered and
detailed. One photo shows the completed loco. One shows the frame with
motor & gearbox. The remaining 2 photos show the loco to tender coupling
I made for this loco.

The loco is repowered with a Sagami 1620 and NWSL 36:1 gearbox. The loco
drivers are about 36". The gear in the gearbox is just barely smaller that
the drivers. To use this gearbox, I had to cutoff the the part of the
gearbox cover plate that covered the bottom of the gear.

The loco is set up with a 5 wire electrical connector between loco &
tender to support DCC wiring with decoder in the tender and motor &
headlamp in the loco. With the connector I built for this loco, one screw
through the drawbar and connector into the tender secures the tender both
mechanically & electrically.

George Gilbert

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Seems like HO Steam really is a quiet list - 258 messages since the list
started last year. On the O-Trains list I'm on there are often 50
in a weekend.