[[HOsteam] Starter topic: new steam locos from Bachmann and Athearn]]

Brad Bourbina <bbbourbina@...>

Thanks Nelson...comparing it to the photos in Mopac Power, it looks REALLY
good...that intro price is a little scary..but it is a lot better than $400
minimum for brass...regardless...looks like yet another winner...

Brad Bourbina

Nelson Kennedy <> wrote:
From: Nelson Kennedy <>

Brad Bourbina wrote:

The Bachmann Mountain will be MOPAC??????? WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay...I'll try to contain my excitement...does the Bachmann website have a
picture of the upcoming Mountain?

A 'so-so' picture. Have a look at

I grabbed that URL whilst looking at the picture. If it doesn't take
you there it is lurking under the 'What's New' button.

Nelson Kennedy
Christchurch, New Zealand
Tramway Preservation and NZR 0 gauge trains and a little H0 Espee are

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