[HOsteam Spoked drivers]


HOsteam@egroups.com wrote:
Where did you go to get the Mantua spoked wheels? And the gearbox?
Mantua sells direct. Their parts dept is kinda odd having weird hours. I usually just fax to them and they get to it at their convienence.They have, however never messed up an order. I use their catalog for P/N's. Prices are reasonable and they take plastic. Watch for my posts later, I'll look up their number and you can call for a catalog.

The power drive is an excellent upgrade, and they offer it as a kit, that includes a motor. I happen to have a ton of can motors, and use the A-line flywheels designed for Athearn Switchers (tapered) save the money and not buy their motor. I just buy the parts for the gearbox. This mounts the motor way back in the firebox out of sight and leaves room for a non-flexible, but telescoping, coupling I make up with square brass tubing and 2mm shafting. All the joints are made with the typical rubber hose except the telescope, of course. I hide the sides of the gearbox with a spring detail made by filing a cal-scale spring hanger real thin and glueing it on over the driver. This complements the same detail over the other drivers. All this frees up the space normally occupied by the old motor, so adding weight is a snap, though I haven't. They seem to pull just fine for my needs w/o it so far. I hide the back of the motor with a backhead detail glued into the cab.
No real super detail here, but they look "right". I use my engines a lot and carry them back and forth to our club in Greensboro, NC. so they have to be sturdy, Too much detail makes a delicate work-horse,I'ld rather run and build than "fix". I have a pair of identical Mikes # 672 and 673 that also have chuff sound added, synchronized to the drivers, 4 exhausts per rev, so they are VERY popular at club.

Your project sounds very nice, I've always liked the sloped front cab sides..kinda gives 'em that "racey" look. Maybe we can post some pix of our work? Does this list permit that? Currently we are out of the Pix biz as our computer has suffered a lightnening event, and all we can get to work is the Eudora and internet emails right now. A new mother board and hard drive are on order.

Good luck
Tom Knowles, a steam guy in a diesel world