[HOsteam] slow speed tipple switcher

Ken Clark

   My favorite geared engine the Heisler, was widely used in the coal industry.  IT's pretty easy to take an old PFM model and upgrade with a modern motor.
The mechanism is pretty bullet proof.  While on the prototype only one axle on each truck was geared; PFM imported at least one run of the "90 ton Heisler"
which had both axles in each truck geared, eliminating quartering issues and making the drive very similar to diesel drives.
  I one time geared a Heisler down so that the drivers made one revolution a minute.  That was extreme, and pretty useless, but it is possible to get a flywheel
and flat can motor in the PFM Heisler and have an excellent slow speed runner.

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Hello, I'm looking for a great slow speed tipple engine. I'm a big BLI fan but have not been very happy the their slow speed proformance, anyone have a better option?
Bill Hodkinson