[HOsteam] Re: New member...Saying Hello and with request for information

Bill Brown

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I have a lathe, so I replaced the Mantua Nylon worm with one made of brass but kept the original Nylon worm gear. I use LaBelle #102 on my gears. The loco is extremely quiet and has racked up more than 100 hours so far with no problems whatsoever, other than occasional cleaning of those (ugh!) brass tires.
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Did you turn the worm yourself or were you able to find a metal worm that
fit the stock worm gear? It seems like grinding a cutter for the worm would
be a challenge.

Nice collection of resuscitated models! The Little Six is a nice job. I
could use one like that for a switching layout I'm planning. Perhaps I'll
come across one at RailFair in Roseville next month.

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