[HOsteam] Re: Flat can with a long shaft.

Victor Bitleris

Yes, you might be surprised. If you can get the motor "tuned" down to about a 1 amp slip, there would be no need for a remotor and re-gear. Be sure to use a special lubricant meant for motor bearings. My LHS has one, but I don't know the brand, he doesn't recommend LaBelle lubricants, but I don't know why. Since he is really pretty good with that stuff, I let him do it. Since I spend most of my hobby money there, he just does it off hand. Sometimes it is much more difficult to regear and remotor, especially with smaller locos, but mostly it depends on the model itself. I was able to easily remotor and regear an AHM C16a, but I would prefer not to try that with me GEM A5, although a friend has a GEM A5 that has been re-motored. I am sure it required some brass hacking though.
Good luck and regards,
Vic Bitleris
Raleigh, NC

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Date: Sat, 4 Feb 2012 20:39:48 +0000
Subject: [HOsteam] Re: Flat can with a long shaft.

Hi Vic.

I applied to the Yahoo group you mentioned. The worm is mounted on the motor shaft (slip fit with set screw) and goes directly to the axle gear. I had cleaned and lubed the entire model. It was imported in 1957 and looks like it was never run at all. The worm gear still had over spray from when it was painted. I would be interested in tuning it up instead of replacing it.

Thanks a bunch.