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Mike Bauers wrote:

I'm not sending this only to modelers, but you non-modelers will
still appreciate the sly way of handling a 'Know It All' sort.

Mike Bauers
Reminds me. Years ago a friend took a Lionel GS-4 replaced the smokebox front,
cut out the oil bunker and put in coal then painted it for the C&O and gave it
a number that was empty on the roster. He then came up with a story that in
WWII the C&O wanted new engines but the war production board wouldn't let them
build their design but added them to the order of GS-6's the WP got. First
assigned to the mountains they were too slippery and were assigned to the
coast and after the war were scrapped. With war restrictions on photos none
were ever taken. At the club when a Mr. SP steam asked him about it he reeled
of this story about it and Mr. SP believed the whole thing. Then years later a
young member who grew up hearing the story saw it by the roundhouse and asked
- the hook set again. 8^)

Was he ever embarassed when he realized what happened.

Ken Martin

Merry Christmas everybody.


That reminds me that on our old layout we had a harbor scene with real water
and circulated by an aquarium pump. Some wise guy came by and watned to know
if we were using HO scale water? Without cracking a grin, one of our members
replied, that not only were we using HO scale water, but that we had
discovered a way to freeze dry it and we were about to market it. Simple to
use, too. Just add water and you were ready to go! The wise guy drifted off
commenting to his friend that it was just amazing what could be done in
scale! Which just goes to prove that you can still fool some of the people
some of the time. Chief Jim