[HOsteam] LL 0-8-0 as a 2-8-0?

aidrian.bridgeman-sutton <aidrian.bridgeman-sutton@...>

While it may be doable, I'm not aware of any road having *modern*
consolidations with drivers of this size - typicaly the switcher would have
drivers around 48". Some older e2-8-s (like the MDC Old Timer) would have
drivers around the 50" mark, but for engines post-1900 57" would be a more
typical figure. The general proportions and details of the P2K engine are
very much those of a later period, so while it could be done you'd end up
with mighty funny looking engine which, as far as I know, wouldn't really
resemble any known prototype.

As an aside - the Spectrum consol is a huge beastie for 2-8-0 and I wonder
why they chose such a big engine - the world is really crying out for a 57"
consol which is far more typical of engines on most roads.


| I have a question that came to mind the other day in seeing the
| Life-Like 0-8-0 in MR. Are there valid prototypes that used the same
| boiler size and drivers, but as a 2-8-0? In other words, can the LL
| 0-8-0 be adapted as a 2-8-0?
| David Soderblom