[HOsteam] Flat can with a long shaft.

Victor Bitleris

You may wish to look at eBay or some of the electronic surplus places on the internet. basically you want about a 12 or 13 mm by about 19 or 20 mm by about 25 mm. You may also need a shaft bushing depending on your worm hole diameter. It will be very difficult to find a shaft that long, but a better idea would be to use some kind of a universal to connect motor to the worm shaft, unless of course, the worm is mounted directly on the motor shaft an is an open gear rather than in a gear box. Still look at eBay, you may find a motor with that kind of shaft. The problem with eBay is that most of the time, guys selling the motors rarely give you a dimension if they are intended for a brand name loco.
By the way, most decoders can handle 1.5 amp on a slip. But, I would also bet that if you "tuned" your motor, it would perform a lot better than you think. Tuning involves setting the brushes, cleaning the comutator and lubing the bearings. I did that with a KTM open frame motor and it got tons better. It draws less than 1 amp, starts at 2.5 volts, idles down to about 1.5 volts. It was nothing like that before I "tuned" it. Some folks even replace the original magent with a stack of neodymium magnets. That really perks up the motor and drops the current draw appreciably.
You may wish to join the group repoweandregear in Yahoo Groups.
Good luck and regards, Vic Bitleris

Vic Bitleris
Raleigh, NC

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Subject: [HOsteam] Flat can with a long shaft.

Hi group.

I have a brass 2-6-0 that I have to re-power. I need a flat can 1/2 X 3/4 wide about 1 inch long with a 1 inch long shaft at 1.5mm. The open frame draws 1.5 amps slipping witch is way too much for a decoder I want to instal. Any ideas on where I might find something like this? I looked at NWSL but nothing with a long shaft.


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