[HOsteam] Remotoring-DCC-Brass

Jon Miller <atsf@...>

In general the older open frame motors draw a lot of current, usually 1
amp or more. Decoders must be able to handle locked rotor current draw.
Use an ohm meter and ohms law to check the possible current draw of the
motor and pick a decoder that will handle it. You can also use an amp meter
and hold the rotor at 12 volts but that's not the best way.
IMHO the older models with open frame motors should be remotored.
Higher current decoders are more expensive so the cost of a new motor will
be offset with the ability to use a lower cost decoder. Of course if you
have to pay someone to do the work the cost goes back up.
I would suggest you get on some of the DCC lists and just lurk for
awhile or ask questions as you see fit. The lists are very good about
answering questions from newcomers. Also buy some books, two I would
recommend are "Digital Command Control" and "The Big Book of DCC".

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