Happy Birthday to you ....

Nelson Kennedy <nelsonk@...

Well, the list is 24 hours old and has attracted 27 members in that time.
With the limited publicity it has had I reckon that is a good start.

I have been taken gently to task about the bias towards HO sized models.
I've posted my reasons for that in my welcome and have also said that I'm
not going to be heavy handed in 'controlling' the list. I'm happy for it
to go where the members want to take it.

Onelist has a shared files facility which has been enabled for this list.
Accepted Netiquette is that file attaches not be posted with list messages
and there is no need to have to do so here on Onelist because, in order to
share a document or image with one another, all we have to do is place it
in the shared files area and draw attention to it in a posting. That way
list members are left with the choice of whether to download the file or not.

Keep the faith!

Nelson Kennedy, Christchurch, New Zealand
Ferrymead Trams, 0 gauge NZR trains and a little Espee H0 are at: