FS - End of Year leftovers - Resistance soldering equipment inc. Hotip 200 Watt units with tweezers.


This summer I was able to acquire several Hotip 200 and 300 watt units with handpieces and Triton Hotlips tweezers and American Beauty handpieces

These were very popular items and only used Hotip H-101A (brown label) units remain.

PBL sells the new Hotip units for close to $700, including the carbon probe $165 and the Tweezers $155.

A basic 200 watt Hotip unit with just tweezers would be over $500, if they sold it that way without the probe.  I have used Hotip RS units for over 40 years and have used the probe 3 times.

PBL does not use the Contact Inc product descriptions to specify the accessories and has been slow to supply electrodes.

I do not stock replacement Hotip parts, but Contact, Inc. the manufacturer, has been able to fill requests directed to them

Sales of previously owned Hotip units continued this fall.  I have just the following left:

Hotip 200 watt transformers 

Hotip H-101A 200 watt unit (older Brown label) transformer with Hotip tweezers for                $240

Hotip H-101A 200 watt unit (older Brown label) transformer only for                                        $180


I am offering used Triton Hotlips tweezers (w/o On/Off switch) with carbon electrodes in working condition for $50 plus shipping.   

Very lightly used Triton Hotlips tweezers (with internal On/Off switch) with carbon electrodes in excellent condition for $75 plus shipping.  

10% off on purchase of two or more Triton Hotlips tweezers, 25% off on purchase of five or more Triton Hotlips tweezers

These are the handpieces originally designed for the Triton transformers.  They will work with other RS units of 300 watts or greater, work best with 4 volts AC output or greater.

For the Big Boys Models (1/4", 1/2", 3/8" scales)  needing extra power I have:

used American Beauty  500 watt transformers for $200 and an American Beauty 1000 watt unit with carbon electrode tweezers for $300.

Paypal accepted with 3% fee.  Shipping USPS Priority Mail at cost.

ken clark



ken clark
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