For Sale Triton Hotlips Tweezers, Upgrade for Micro Mark Resistance Soldering unit


Last Year I was able to acquire several Triton Hotlips tweezers with and without internal off/on switches, many need carbon electrodes.

Triton Hotlips units were marketed to car repair shops, were simple and easy to use,  The tweezers with carbon electrodes required the high power( 6.2 volt) terminals.  The brass. wire electrodes work on low power, 3.1 volts.

Currently MicroMark sells the same (Triton clone) transformer with a pair of disposable tweezers ($60), You can upgrade the Micro-Make™ Resistance Soldering Set Super Value Package with these tweezers.



I am offering used Triton Hotlips tweezers (w/o On/Off switch) with carbon electrodes in working condition for $50 plus shipping.   

Very lightly used Triton Hotlips tweezers (with internal On/Off switch) with carbon electrodes in excellent condition for $70 plus shipping.  

I am offering used Triton Hotlips tweezers (w/o On/Off switch) with out electrodes in otherwise condition for $30 plus shipping.   


10% off on purchase of two or more Triton Hotlips tweezers, 25% off on purchase of five or more Triton Hotlips tweezers

These are the handpieces originally designed for the Triton transformers.  They will work with other RS units of 300 watts or greater, work best with 4.5 volts AC output or greater.



Paypal accepted with 3% fee.  Shipping USPS Priority Mail at cost.

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