Diamond Scale Turnable trucks

Sandy Bridges

I am building the Diamond Scale turntable and I have a concern about the dolly
truck. The kit has small steel rods to be inserted through holes in the center
of brass wheels. This assembly is the placed into a journal, closed with a
journal lid. The brass wheels ride along the top of the circular rail in the
bottom of the pit.

The steel pin is a loose fit into the brass wheel. If tilted, the pin slips out
easily. My question is whether there is a need to somehow fix the pin in place,
maybe a drop of CA, or if that would interfere with the functioning of the
wheels. I concern is that once the TT bridge is installed and the TT put into
operation, they pin may work out of place.

Am I imagining problem that does not exist, or am i missing something that
should be done to secure the pin in place?

(Please forgive the cross-posting if you see this question on other group