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Another update on Resistance soldering equipment available for use by the model railroader.

  Previous discussions have been about products marketed by Contact Inc. (Hotip, PBL) for the electronics industry, Triton (Hotlips) for the automotive repair industry

and American Beauty for both and also plumbing, etc...  American Beauty has the widest product lineup, but many modelers,  like me, started with Hotip units.

My inventory of American Beauty and Hotip resistance soldering systems has been markedly reduced by recent sales.  I only have Hotip H-101A 200 watt systems available.

I do still have several of the Triton Hotlips handpieces available, with and without the internal On/Off switch.  They are usable with Hotip 300watt and 400 watt units and with 

American Beauty 250 watt, 500 watt and 1000 watt units, And Luma Electric Models 551 (900 watts) and 631 (2500 watts).

I am offering used Triton Hotlips tweezers (w/o On/Off switch) with carbon electrodes in working condition for $50 plus shipping.   Lightly used Triton Hotlips tweezers (with internal On/Off switch) with carbon electrodes in

excellent condition for $75 plus shipping.  These are the handpieces originally designed for the Triton transformers.

Hotip versus American Beauty Soldering tweezers.

I've taken some additional photos to show these brands of tweezers side by side.  The product names for these handpieces is highly misleading.

The AB Micro tweezers are very similar to the Hotip Heavy Duty tweezers, while the AB regular tweezers are much heavier than any of the Hotip tweezers.

Note that all of the Hotip tweezers use .040" tungsten tips while the AB regular tweezers can use 2mm (0.79") tungsten tips (aka tungsten welding rod)

which cost only 20% of the Hotip tungsten tips.

HOTIP Light Duty, Medium Duty and Heavy Duty Tweezers.  (NOTE: The major difference is the amount of cork in the handle, the tips are the same)

American Beauty Regular tweezers, HOTIP Medium Duty Tweezers and American Beauty Medium Duty  Note the more robust construction of the AB Medium Duty tweezers.

 Bonus tip for owners of the AB 10541 regular soldering tweezers, Tungsten 2mm welding rod (on right below) can be used to replace the AB copper clad stainless steel electrodes at a tremendous cost savings

(about 25 cents per electrode)


Since they are twice the diameter, tungsten electrodes in the AS 10541 handpieces should last four times longer than the expensive ($17 a pair) tungsten tips in the Hotip tweezers.

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ken clark
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Another update on Resistance soldering equipment available for use by the model railroader.

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