Bowser/Varney Casey Jones Repower

David Starr <david.starr@...>

I have a pair of the old Casey Jones 10 Wheeler models. This
elderly design has the simple open frame Pittman motor with the worm
pressed onto the motor shaft drive arrangement. Both of them need
regearing, over the years the worms have gotten out of mesh and
lunched some of the teeth on the plastic spur gear.
I'd like to find an NWSL gear box, a nice can motor and make up a
drive shaft with U joints to hook the motor to the gearbox. I am
unsure as to which NWSL gear box might fit, how much metal can I cut
out of the locomotive frame to make room for the gear box, and how to
go about doing a mount for the can motor.
I'm solicting any advice anyone may have.

David Starr