Are all systems go?

Nelson Kennedy <nelsonk@...

Don't you just hate test messages?

I figure that just one would be OK to test that the list is working OK.

Just a reminder that this list is 'open access' and anybody may join. It
is billed as safe for kids so let's bear that in mind if we are tempted to
use language that we would not want our own kids to read.

I have not posted a long list of 'don'ts' for this list. I'll say that I
don't like blatant commercialism on lists like this; lists which are
intended for information sharing. I do find product announcements helpful.
Naturally, as list owner, I have to take some responsibility for content
but I am inclined to look for consensus so if 'policy' type issues arise
I'm likely to use the Onelist survey feature to seek your views.

Thanks, guys,

Now, let's talk steam!

Are any members working to S4/P4 or Proto87 standards? I'd like to hear of
your experiences in conversion of mass produced chassis to these standards.


Nelson Kennedy, Christchurch, New Zealand
Ferrymead Trams, 0 gauge NZR trains and a little Espee H0 are at: