A well deserved thanks to Bob.


Back in the summer of 2017 Bob Chapparo alerted many of us to both the upcoming end of Yahoo Groups as we knew it then and the new alternative, created by Mark Fletcher;

one of the early designers of these lists.  As the death cackles of Yahoo Groups fade into history, we can in gratitude reflect on how much time trouble and effort Bob saved so many of us.

At the time I was owner of a small group, HO Steam and moderator  of a larger group, Repower and Regear.  Researching what Bob  had provided us: the reasons for the failing support of

the lists on Yahoo Groups and a viable alternative, provided a path forward.  To placehold the names of the two lists I managed, I created lists in with the same names.

However, like many lists in YG, Repower and Regear, had an absentee, inattentive owner,  AS moderator I was not able to transfef the list.  It wasn't until several months later that I found the list owner

who had become dis-satisfied with YG.  He made me a co-owner and In Jan 2018 I polled the list members about my plans to move the list.  Most were supportive having grown frustrated by

YG's poor support of the lists.  A few were loyalist YG users and accused me of trying to steal the list, even though I had been moderator for seventeen years.  I was to hear similar accusations

from YG list owners and subscribers to this very day.

  But Bob had set a fine example and I perservered and the move of RepowerAndRegear was and continues to be a success.  I was vilified by a small group who believed in YG's future,

some quit my lists, some banned me from their lists, and through it all Bob continued his positive support of those moving from YG to  For me he was the trail blazer.  The succcess of the RnR

move was quickly noted and my assistance was requested to help with moving other lists.  I helped all who asked.  In some cases my offers of assistance created brief flame wars between sparring

owners/moderators; many of those lists delayed conversion until after the free group transfer had ended.  By the end I had moved over 20 lists, some Railroad themed, some not. 

All the moves were successful and the lists retained their Basic (Free) status.  All this time Bob was continuing to provide support to those of us trying to avoid the impending YG collapse.

  Those of us who moved lists from YG to GIO have received ample thanks from list subscribers while also receiving slings and arrows from the unwilling to adapt.  We have been adequately

acknowledged within our lists.  However without Bob to shine a light forward, the path would have been far more difficult.

From one, for many, THANKS Bob

ken clark

ken clark
HO and Sn42