For Sale - Hotip 200 and 300 watt Resistance Soldering units



  PBL has the exclusive rights to market new Contact Inc. Hotip resistance soldering units to model railroaders.  They put their own Decal on top of the Hotip nameplate.

These are the newer style units that all look the same with hard to find model numbers and the fuse holder in the back.

However Contact has more models of the Hotip units than the two PBL sells.

The Hotip H-101CD is a 100 watt wire stripping unit with NiChrome wire elements, older units yellow nameplate - PBL does not sell these

The Hotip H-303CD is a 200 watt wire stripping unit with NiChrome wire elements, newer style unit - PBL does not sell these

If you are interested in the wire stripping units please inquire via private message

The Hotip H-101A is a 200 watt, old style has a brown nameplate - PBL sells these for mostly HO modelers

The Hotip H-202 is a 300 watt, old style has a green nameplate - PBL sells these for mostly S & O modelers

Contact has four resistance soldering tweezers for these units

HOTIP TLD-TT2: Light Duty Tweezers               List Price $155

HOTIP TMD-TT2: Medium Duty Tweezers         List Price $155

HOTIP TMD-TT4-H4: Medium Duty Tweezers    List Price $180

HOTIP THD-TT4-H4: Heavy Duty Tweezers        List Price $180 

PBL sells the new Hotip units for close to $700, including the carbon probe $165 and the Tweezers $155.

A basic 200 watt Hotip unit with tweezers would be over $500, if they sold it that way without the probe.  I have used Hotip RS units for over 40 years and have used the probe 3 times.

They do not use the Contact Inc product descriptions to specify the accessories

I have for sale the following used, working Hotip resistance soldering equipment current models:

Hotip H-101A 200 watt unit (current style) with Medium duty tweezers (tungsten tips)   $ 280

Hotip H-202   300 watt unit (current style) with Heavy Duty tweezers   (tungsten tips)    $300

Hotip Light Duty tweezers (choice of tips)                                                                          $90

Hotip Medium Duty tweezers (choice of tips)                                                                     $90

I have an older 200 watt (brown label) transformer with tweezers for                                 $240

Paypal accepted with 3% fee.  Shipping USPS Priority Mail at cost.

ken clark

ken clark
HO and Sn42