Change in No E-Mail delivery option to Special Notices Only



   Recently I have been transferring four old YG lists to new lists on

There is one recurring problem, a few members immediately quit the new group when they are welcomed as new members.

Prior to the group transfers, Special notices/messages were sent to inform YG list members of the impending transfer.

However if the member had set YG subscription to No E-mails, they will not receive the Special Notice transfer message and may reject the Welcome letter and unsubscribe from the new list on

In retrospect this was a major deficiency in the YG lists, and when these lists transferred to, the problem transferred. has another delivery option, Special Notices Only  This is also a no e-mail option, however the member will receive Special Notices (from the Moderators only) when they are issued.

Starting today No E-Mail will no longer be a delivery option, instead it has been changed to Special Notices Only as the no e-mail option.

This was done at the moderator level for all members who had been subscribed to No E-Mail
Members do not need to take action.

FWIW I do not issue Special Notices very often, maybe six times in 16 years on YG lists;

But as a result I lost dozens of members who did not receive notice of the move to and quit the new list.

ken clark