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Ken Clark


Kenneth R. Clark
Chula Vista, CA 

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 While I try and figure out another solution to the posting problem, including posting the 14MEG Powerpoint file in the files section.  I figure I need to take the opportunity for enhancements.  Any input would be appreciated.

  From the PSR convention clinics feedback,  some possible additions:
         -  Include sources for the polishing wheels and meters that I display in my photos.
         -  Include some wiring diagrams for the meter test setup
         -  New slide for testing trucks on geared engines
         -  New slide on testing PFM geared locomotive gearboxes
         -  New slide showing open frame motor evolution.
         -  New slide showi ng gearbox evolution
         -  New slide showing poor gear mesh, climax
         -  New slide showing motor bearings used for gear alignment, resulting in poor gear mesh.
         -  New slide showing potential problems with flexible tubing, poor universal drives, top mounted torque
         -  New slide showing missing screws, mis-matched screws, blackened steel metric replacements
         -  Metric screw sources

In some cases these might be a separate sources/reference handout file.


ken clark


Michael Murray

Would love it if you would consider making a video of the presentation and submitting it to Model Railroad Hobbyist's TrainMasters TV.

Would also love to see a similar video (or series thereof) showing the actual conversion of an old smaller brass model (say a PFM Shay?) to a can motor and, if you're really feeling gutsy, inclusion of a DCC sound decoder and some type of keep-alive device.  I love the slides you post on your website but I'd like to see a video of the work as it progresses, not just a video showing the loco running before/after.