[HOsteam] Re: Testing that New Locomotive PDF page

Ken Clark

Thanks Mike,
  I tried it under Firefox 31 and it worked fine, I'll make sure not to upgrade.

I give the presentation tomorrow and then have a couple of full days at the convention so It'll be Sunday when I can work on it if the local NFL game is blacked

 out.  I've never tried to convert Powerpoint to a web page or pdf before. The single web page won't display saying I need to use IE, even when I'm using IE.

I missed the secret handshake instruction.

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Sorry, but under Firefox 32 I can't display the pdf.  I can view it under Chrome and save it but anything that tries to open it using Adobe Reader gets a page error and fails.  The version I viewed under Chrome I saved but open it directly with Adobe and it blows.  On the plus side it led me to discover I had an old version of Adobe Reader so I upgraded to AR XI and it still fails.  IE11 has fits too...  All I get under FF and IE is the background.