Flat can with a long shaft.


Hi guys.
I finally had some time to work on my little project loco. I thought I would wire up a TCS T1 decoder and final assembly. Well that plan when out the window. The decoder instal when off without a hitch. I put in in the tender and tested the chassis with tender on the test track. Ran great could not ask for a smoother running steamer. I took some time and insulated the inside of the boiler with some 3M electrical tape and installed and wired the headlight. Placed it back on the test track to program and what would you know. Short circuit detected? Did I pinch a wire? No. Nothing out of sorts. Everything looked great. Removed the boiler and tried it again. Perfect? Nothing wrong? What the heck? Just setting the boiler on the chassis shows a short? Talked to another person about this. He asked what magnets I put in the motor and did I have the north/ south poles oriented correctly? This is what he suggested. Remove the 4 N52 rare earth magnets and put just one in with a steel spacer. North pole to the top plate and south against the bottom. After doing this it runs a lot better and even with the boiler on! He sent me this link explaining why the boiler would do such a thing. It is called Lenz law of magnetic fields. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E97CYWlALEs&feature=related The brass boiler and chassis is causing too much of a restriction to the magnetic field. Too much magnets?
Who would have thought?