[HOsteam] Re: Flat can with a long shaft.

Ken Clark

The motor can go in from the back. In similar situations I've mounted the motor in the boiler and connected with a universal drive to the gearbox. I've even filled in the bottom of the boiler to become a motor mount.
The opening in the boiler was cut for the original motor, the builder would have cut a different opening for a different motor. Another trick used on some plastic models and HOn3 models is to mount the smokebox/lower boiler section to the frame and when assembled they nestle against the running boards, no gap and a big motor with slow speeds.

For real slow speeds, NWSL made a double idler gearbox 43:1 I think for use in switchers. My first choice is always the largest, slowest motor that will fit. There are several ways to get that motor in the space, think out of the box...

Kenneth R. Clark

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The pictures do not really show but the opening in the boiler is only 5/8 of an inch wide. the drivers are not sprung and the frame is narrower than the 1/2 inch wide motor. If the new magnets do not help then a flat can and flywheel will have to go in it. I would like to re gear it so it runs slower too.

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