[HOsteam] Re: Flat can with a long shaft.

Ken Clark

Are you sure the motor shaft is 1.5mm. That small a diameter is rare in models before the 70's. 2mm only became common after that. I would suggest getting NWSL 1.5mm bearings, mounting the worm on a 1.5mm shaft held in place by the bearings mounted in brass flat stock. With NWSL universals you can connect the 1.5mm shaft to any size motor shaft you can fit. Using the motor shaft to position the worm on a worm gear tends to require frequent readjustment, better to have the worm held in place by bearings mounted to the gearbox. Plus 1.5mm shafts are easy to bend and a bent shaft will make operation much worse.

Kenneth R. Clark

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Hi Vic.
I applied to the Yahoo group you mentioned. The worm is mounted on the motor shaft (slip fit with set screw) and goes directly to the axle gear. I had cleaned and lubed the entire model. It was imported in 1957 and looks like it was never run at all. The worm gear still had over spray from when it was painted. I would be interested in tuning it up instead of replacing it.
Thanks a bunch.

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